One Over One Hundred is an open and transparent newsletter built to spark creativity, curiosity, and conversation by thinking a little bit harder about the every day moments in life.

My goal is to show you how I think and process information from the same life situations you and I both share. From the conversations we have with strangers in public, to an experience in which we could do better next time. I want to know what it looks like to wake up every day and be the best I can possibly be, and I'd rather not do it alone.

Think of this newsletter as an honest look into my life. Through grainy iPhone images, sloppy grammar, and somewhat contradictory thought processes, this is what I think it means to always be loading. 

This is what I think it means to not be so quick to wanting to already be "there" but rather focusing on today. This is why 1% is greater than 100%.

This is why I choose One Over One Hundred.

here's how this thing will go:

Every Sunday I hope to share a short written piece straight to your inbox. I can break rules too, which means maybe more than once a week, or sometimes not at all. 

This is what we're going to talk about:

Personal: My life is so strange and unorthodox. I'm almost positive that people don't believe me when I share some of my experiences. So I'll share those with you here.

Industry: I work full time as a Art Director at a creative studio and have been practicing photography professionally for almost 2 years now. I think a lot about how creative advertising is evolving so fast and I need someone to spill my thoughts onto. Congrats, I choose you.

Interest: I love music, films, books, podcasts, etc. I'll share some of my favorites with you from time to time.

Whatever you want: This is only going to be fun if you have something to say back. There will be times when I ask questions, or try to gather your opinion. This newsletter isn't about me owning the conversation, just leading it. Which means you have no choice but to be involved.


I'll archive all of the previous newsletters here on this website, but you can sign up to receive the newsletter in an email every week, which will have images, media, and things I won't be sharing anywhere else.

Oh, by the way...

Photo Jul 08, 2 52 19 PM.jpg

My name is Alex Tan. I write One Over One Hundred. This is a photo of me in my bedroom in Los Angeles, California where I currently work and live as an Art Director at a creative studio called Matte Black.

here are some things that i have done and still do: 

Art Director: This is my main gig. I work full time as an art director at a creative studio here in Los Angeles called Matte Black. I oversee all of the visual content we create for clients and draw up creative solutions to solve problems. We're constantly trying to tell better stories through photographs, video, and design. 

Photographer: I started taking photos with my iPhone 5s during my free time in college. I started pitching the idea of "meaningful social content" to local businesses in effort to make a little extra cash. After two years of that, I ended up leaving school and accepting a job as a Content Creator at an ad agency in Chicago, and then in Los Angeles a year later. I've worked with both scrappy startups and national brands in helping them improve the quality of visual content on digital platforms.

MOUTHWASHI started a creative house with my friends where we've created a podcast and a magazine. The goal is to illustrate the motives behind why we do what we love through images, words, and great story telling. I'm partnered up with Mackenzie Freemire and Abraham Campillo. I think they're the most talented people in the world. They also happen to be my best friends.

Ghost Writer: I'm a ghost writer, meaning, I write pretending to be other people. You can find my writings masked by the names of entrepreneurs in publications like Inc., The Startup, and Forbes. Don't tell anyone. 

One Over One HundredThis is what you're reading now. It's a newsletter where I can say whatever I want. I think it's going to be a lot of fun.